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Riverwalk Pet Resort
​Hours of Operation
Monday-Friday:  7AM-7PM
Saturday: 9AM-3PM
Sunday: 12PM-5PM
*Holiday hours may vary. 
​​Se Habla Espanol
Yelps only 5 star Pet Resort in Riverside.
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(951) 340-3649

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   Late Policies

​-Late Policy: If a customer is late by 15 minutes or more their appointment is automatically cancelled.
-Please call to reschedule appointment if unable to make scheduled appointment on time.
*Riverwalk Pet Resort reserves the right to change pricing without notice.*
Small Dogs 0-20 Lbs
Bath $30
Bath & Tidy $35
Complete Groom $50+

Large dogs 50-70 Lbs
Bath $50
Bath & Tidy $55
Complete Groom $70+
Medium Dogs 20-50 Lbs 
Bath $40
Bath & Tidy $45
Complete Groom $60+

​Extra Large 70+ Lbs.
Bath $60
Bath & Tidy $65
Complete Groom $80+​

De-matting-$1 per minute
*By appointment only, must be pre-approved.
*De-matting cannot be done if matts are too close to the skin.
*De-matting will only be done if groomer deems it is humane or safe for your pet.

10 minute furmination service reduces shedding and removes undercoat.  

Nail Services 
Nail cutting/fillings $10
Nail Polish $10
*Bring your own polish or choose from one of our many colors.* 

Riverwalk Pet Resort ® 12111 Severn Way Riverside,CA 92503
  • Complete Grooming (Includes Haircut)​

*Shampoo/Conditioner   *Blueberry Facial   *Blow Dry    *Nail Trim & File   *Ear Plucking       *Ear Cleaning       *Haircut       *Sanitary Cut      *Fragrance      *Bows/Bandanna

  • Bath & Brush (does not include haircut)
*Shampoo/Conditioner    *Blueberry Facial      *Blow Dry      *Brush out   *Nail Trim          *Ear Cleaning    *Fragrance     *Bows/Bandana
  • Add Tidy for additional $5 fee
*Shave out pads        *Sanitary Cut      *Face Trim
Riverwalk Pet Spa
Additional Grooming Services

Flea Bath are not a monthly treatment. Flea shampoo is left in coat for 5 minutes killing fleas immediately, but will not prevent them.

K9 Advantage repels and kills fleas, ticks, lice, mosquitoes, and repels flies.
K9 Advantage will protect your dog for a full month. Should be reapplied for continued protection. 

Additional full body brush out available at $20 per hour.
*Furmination is an additional service which removes most of the undercoat. We cannot guarantee 100% results. Dog shedding is natural and there is no way to completely eliminate it.*