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Riverwalk Pet Resort
​Hours of Operation
Monday-Friday:  7AM-7PM
Saturday: 9AM-3PM
Sunday: 12PM-5PM
*Holiday hours may vary. 
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Yelps only 5 star Pet Resort in Riverside.
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She began at Riverwalk Pet Resort in the summer of 2009 as a concierge, but happily moved to grooming in March 2011. Her vivacious personality coupled with extensive experience handling all types of canine breeds; as well as horses, cats, reptiles, rodents, and exotics allowed for an easy transition.

Roxanna enjoys the challenge of transforming a family’s pet into the vision at their owner’s request. Among some of her favorite breeds to style are Maltipoos, Labordoodles, Persians, or any canine or feline who stops by her grooming salon. For Roxanna, each furry client at the Riverwalk Pet Resort Spa is special & unique.

Committed to her thriving career Roxanna continues taking classes to improve her grooming skills. Attending the Superzoo Convention in Las Vegas this past September allowed her to network with groomers from around the country. Roxanna realizes that in the constantly changing animal care industry education, dedication, and superior customer service is what will set her apart from the competition.

   Late Policies

​-Late Policy: If a customer is late by 15 minutes or more their appointment is automatically cancelled.
-Please call to reschedule appointment if unable to make scheduled appointment on time.
*Riverwalk Pet Resort reserves the right to change pricing without notice.*


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Small Dogs 0-20 Lbs
Bath $30
Bath & Tidy $35
Complete Groom $50+

Large dogs 50-70 Lbs
Bath $50
Bath & Tidy $55
Complete Groom $70+
Medium Dogs 20-50 Lbs 
Bath $40
Bath & Tidy $45
Complete Groom $60+

​Extra Large 70+ Lbs.
Bath $60
Bath & Tidy $65
Complete Groom $80+​

De-matting-$1 per minute
*By appointment only, must be pre-approved.
*De-matting cannot be done if matts are too close to the skin.
*De-matting will only be done if groomer deems it is humane or safe for your pet.

10 minute furmination service reduces shedding and removes undercoat.  

Nail Services 
Nail cutting/fillings $10
Nail Polish $10
*Bring your own polish or choose from one of our many colors.* 

Riverwalk Pet Resort ® 12111 Severn Way Riverside,CA 92503
  • Complete Grooming (Includes Haircut)​

*Shampoo/Conditioner   *Blueberry Facial   *Blow Dry    *Nail Trim & File   *Ear Plucking       *Ear Cleaning       *Haircut       *Sanitary Cut      *Fragrance      *Bows/Bandanna

  • Bath & Brush (does not include haircut)
*Shampoo/Conditioner    *Blueberry Facial      *Blow Dry      *Brush out   *Nail Trim          *Ear Cleaning    *Fragrance     *Bows/Bandana
  • Add Tidy for additional $5 fee
*Shave out pads        *Sanitary Cut      *Face Trim
Riverwalk Pet Spa
​Head Groomer
Additional Grooming Services

Flea Bath are not a monthly treatment. Flea shampoo is left in coat for 5 minutes killing fleas immediately, but will not prevent them.

K9 Advantage repels and kills fleas, ticks, lice, mosquitoes, and repels flies.
K9 Advantage will protect your dog for a full month. Should be reapplied for continued protection. 

Additional full body brush out available at $20 per hour.